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With ADT alarm monitoring, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing the security experts at ADT are always helping to  guard your home. With four monitoring locations strategically placed throughout the U.S. they have the redundancy that some other security companies just don’t have. What that means is your monitoring will never be interrupted due to unexpected disasters or even mass blackouts. ADT has been helping people just like you keep their homes safe for over 140 years. ADT home security experts are trained to handle any kind of emergency so they can calmly respond to help you when you need them most. With state-of-the-art technology from Protect You Home and a 24-hour nationwide monitoring network, ADT delivers the best home security monitoring available. Maybe that’s one of the reasons ADT is America’s number one choice for home security.

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Alarm monitoring you can trust

ADT monitoring center operators are highly trained to deliver fast responses and complete coverage in emergency situations. ADT is America’s number one choice for home security and has been helping keep American families safe for over 140 years. That’s over a century longer than most security companies have been in business. ADT’s long standing has come from focus on it’s customers. With 24-hour monitoring from its national network of monitoring centers, ADT has earned the trust of over six million households, making it America’s most trusted home security monitoring company.

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Four Monitoring locations

You’re covered by ADT Alarm Monitoring Centers across the country.
ADT has a nationwide network of four interconnected monitoring centers, which is more than any other security system monitoring company. Staffed by ADT security experts, each monitoring center works in conjunction with the others to provide complete security monitoring across the country.

Having multiple monitoring centers is an important part of the security that ADT provides because it provides a fail-safe in the event of a connection disruption. For instance, if the power goes out at your main monitoring center, the other centers can seamlessly pick up its monitoring. With ADT’s nationwide alarm monitoring centers, your security monitoring remains vigilant.

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ADT Monitoring Services can call for help, even when you can’t.
Monitored security systems greatly outperform un-monitored or self monitored systems. While both will alert you when they detect a problem in your home, only monitored systems put you in contact with a live security expert to help you through whatever situation may arise. ADT Monitoring maintains 24-hour contact with your home security system. When an alarm is triggered, security experts at an ADT monitoring center notify the appropriate authorities and contact you to assist with any emergency situation until more help arrives. In the unfortunate event that you are injured and/or unable to contact the fire or police departments directly.