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ADT is America’s #1 home security monitoring Service
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ADT is America’s #1 home security monitoring Service
Same Day Installation Available!

Did you know that ADT has been in business for over 145 years, and SafeStreets offers the best ADT Packages anywhere? It is also the largest single provider of electronic home security services to more than six million customers throughout North America.

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Why people choose ADT Monitored Home Security?

ADT is America's best home security


ADT is the only security company that can say they have been providing alarm monitoring services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to homes and businesses alike for over a century. When it comes to the safety and security of your family, you can count on knowledge and expertise.

ADT is America's best home security


With 24/7 customer monitoring, ADT can help monitor and support all of your needs, from burglary and fire to flood and medical emergencies. We provide a complete security solution with professional installation.

ADT is America's best home security


Our installation, customer support and sales teams are well-trained security professionals and are committed to providing the highest standards of service from an ADT authorized dealer.

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Keeping your home and your family safe and sound is a priority for everyone. At ADT – one of the top ranking home security companies – they understand this, which is why they offer their customers more than just home security system installation. Utilizing ADT’s 140 years of experience in the industry, they are a home security company that can offer you home monitoring systems to work in parallel with our home security alarms. This way, you will have constant peace of mind that your property is safe, secure and monitored around the clock. Wherever you are in relation to your home, your property will be protected every day of every year from numerous disasters

Trust your California Home Security to ADT Monitoring. You deserve the best help protecting your home and family. ADT is the number one security provider in the country. ADT has 140 years of experience and ADT home alarm monitoring helps protect over 6 million customers. ADT doesn’t let you go without monitored protection. Your home will always have help, thanks to ADT’s 4 customer monitoring centers. There is always someone there to help watch out for your home safety thanks to the inter-connectivity of these centers. ADT home alarm system monitoring delivers peace of mind by delivering around-the-clock service, no matter what. ADT has four interconnected customer monitoring centers. Alerts from your home alarm will normally be routed to the closest location. But if something happens to one of the centers, your alarm system will default to another center. You get continuous home security monitoring.

May 22, 2020

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Cities in California Covered by ADT Security

ADT Security In California & Crime Rates

There are a number of issues associated with crime rates. Among the most significant are structural barriers to opportunity, lack of job opportunities and the impact of poverty. State policy makers must advance strategies that target these factors and build communities that are stronger, safer and more equitable.

Crime rates vary dramatically from county to county and region to region. Some areas are prone to a higher rate of violent and property crimes than others. However, overall, California is still a safe state. Many cities and neighborhoods remain below the national average in both homicide and property crimes, and the state ranks in the middle of the pack in crimes per capita.

The most dangerous cities in the state are San Francisco and Los Angeles. Several other major cities saw increases in crime. For example, Oakland, San Diego and the Bay area were each up by a large margin. Other areas with strong increases included Fresno, Redding and Santa Clarita. Across the state, murder and aggravated assaults have risen significantly. In addition to this, vehicle theft has increased.

One of the most troubling trends has been the increase in homicides. Specifically, a number of gun-related incidents have driven the homicide rate upward. Fortunately, this trend is waning. Despite the recent increase, homicides are still well below the national average.

Property crimes, which include larceny, burglaries, arson and motor vehicle theft, rose in several counties. The San Francisco Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley saw the largest increases. In fact, the three most dangerous counties were all in the Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay area.

While this is an alarming development, there are several reasons why the statewide violent crime rate has been flat or declined. One of the most notable is that it is now lower than the 1992 high. This is important because it means that the state is now closer to the levels of violent crime that occurred in the 1960s. If the trend continues, California is likely to be added to the list of safest states.

The statewide crime rate for 2021 is expected to stay at 4.5 incidences of violent crime per 1,000 people. It is also expected that crime will continue to decrease in some areas and increase in others. Of the 58 counties in the state, 37 counties saw violent crime increases. Most counties saw a decrease in homicide, aggravated assault and burglaries, while 11 counties saw a rise in these categories.

Violent crimes have decreased in several areas of the state, including the San Joaquin Valley, Orange County and Ventura County. Compared to the pre-pandemic years, these rates have been below the national average. Yet, it is not a guarantee that the state will remain as crime-free as it was before the pandemic. Rather, it is important for policy makers to advance strategies to reduce youth violence and strengthen families.

Overall, the statewide crime rate is still low compared to the pre-pandemic years. However, it is not clear whether the decrease will last for long. It is worth keeping an eye on the state’s crime statistics to determine how the criminal justice system is responding.