Certified Local Security System Installers from your area

Certified Local Security System Installers from your area

ADT Crime Statistics for Tampa Florida

Data taken from the interactive ADT Crime Map For Tampa Florida

When you’re thinking about moving into a new neighborhood, there’s far more to consider than curb appeal and square footage.

In reality, you need to know as much about the community you’ll be living in as the house you’re planning on buying. Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll do a fair number of walk-throughs and appraisals to make sure there are no hidden surprises. Shouldn’t you be doing the same for your new neighborhood?


Category Local Index Vs. National Index
Assault 427  4.27x more than average
Burglary 223  2.23x more than average
Larceny 252  2.52x more than average
Murder 217  2.17x more than average
Motor Vehicle Theft 212  2.12x more than average
Personal Crime 346  3.46x more than average
Property Crime 231  2.31x more than average
Rape 189  1.89x more than average
Robbery 357  3.57x more than average
Total Crime 261  2.61x more than average
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